The Gathering

The Gathering is a weekend event for men of all ages run by the Centre for Men and Families Australia. A lot has been said about toxic masculinity and the damage it does in our society. The Gathering is a celebration of healthy masculinity where men can be equipped to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Whether you are new to the CFMA community, or a regular face, there will be something for you. The Gathering will include electives and workshops to help you navigate the beauty and pain of life as a man, along with plenty of time to relax, unwind and connect. 

The Gathering 2023 Registrations Now Open. 

Cost: $395 Full price, $360 Early Bird now open 

Date: 19th-21st May 2023

Venue: The Outlook, 4001 Ipswich Boonah Rd, Boonah QLD

All meals, accommodation, bedding and all sessions are included in the cost.

A $100 deposit can be made by choosing Direct Debit at checkout, then transfer $100 to the listed account.

Coming from interstate? Free Bus Transfer from Brisbane Airport!

We are really looking forward to hosting men from all over Australia for The Gathering! This is a national event and no matter the state you are in, you are welcome. We realise there are some added difficulties to come from interstate or regional areas so we are hoping to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. There will be a free bus transfer to and from Brisbane airport for The Gathering.

Everything you’ll need for the weekend including bedding, accommodation and food is provided in your Gathering registration. You’ll just need to bring your own clothes for the weekend. 

Speakers and Keynotes for 2023 to be announced soon

Keynote Speakers from 2022:


Archie Smith

‘Archie Smith is a former Professional AFL Player who played for the Brisbane Lions Football Club for eight seasons.
Archie made the decision to prematurely retire at the end of the 2021 season to focus on his family and wellbeing. After a family tragedy, Archie has been prevalent in the mental health space, sharing his personal story and advocating for suicide prevention. As an ambassador for Lifeline as a part of World Suicide Prevention Day and The Push-Up Challenge, Archie is passionate about raising awareness and starting conversations with the potential to save lives.’

Richard Fay

‘Richard is a counsellor and former CEO of the Centre for Men and Families Australia. Richard is still very involved in the CFMA community and has taken on the role of Advocate. Richard lives in Brisbane where he has worked as a counsellor, psychotherapist and community leader for over 20 years.’

Rob Jones

‘Rob is the founder of Centre for Men and Families Australia. Rob is now a counsellor with over 35 years’ experience working in the community. He holds a Bachelor of Ministry, a Masters in Counselling and is an accredited Trauma Practitioner (TRTP) and Spiritual Director CSD. He is also a registered Clinical Supervisor’.

Recorded sessions from The Gathering 2022 now available!

Five sessions from The Gathering are now available for you to purchase. You might want to watch these great sessions again, or you might have missed The Gathering this year and want to see what it was all about. The pack includes 3 elective sessions and 2 keynote sessions from the weekend. The videos will be shipped out to your address on a USB drive, later in July. Order yours today through the website.

Sessions from The Gathering 2022

Sessions from The Gathering 2022



The USB will include:

Key Note Sessions:

  • Hope is Not a Lottery Ticket: Richard Fay
  • You Playing Small Doesn’t Serve the World: Rob Jones

Elective Sessions:

  • Ask The Plumber: Dr Jo Schoeman
  • Enneagram: Understanding Our Shadow: Richard Fay
  • Contemplative Practice: Becoming Who You Are: Rob Jones

 If you are outside of Australia and would like to purchase the sessions please email:

Some of our Electives from 2022:

Restoring the Soul from Devastation: How to Heal When a Loved One Could Not

Richard Fay and Archie Smith

“This safe circle will explore our stories of depression and suicidal thinking, hearing and telling our own stories and those we have loved and lost. This circle will flow from the interview of ex-AFL footballer Archie Smith and his own experiences. Archie will be present for this circle”

Body Connect

Tim Rose

Body Connect is a highly experiential and interactive workshop designed to assist in building connection with your body via slowing down and getting out of your head. You will be invited to encounter your body and connect through a range of mindfulness and body-based practices including: breath work; body scan; movement; voice and physical sound; touch; and noticing” 

Becoming A Dad

Dan Foster

Becoming a father was the steepest learning curve of my life – a baptism of fire that I wasn’t prepared for. Being a young Dad was such a rollercoaster, I only wish I could have sat down with an older bloke and had the chance to ask questions and have someone share with me all the gory details. So, in this elective, we will have a candid chat about fatherhood – what to expect, and how to prepare. A great elective for young dads or men who hope to be dads one day”

Enneagram: Understanding Our Shadow

Richard Fay

“The Enneagram is a way of understanding how we hide from ourselves, the ways our ego shows up in the world and in relationships, and the different movements towards integration and disintegration. We will explore an overview of the Enneagram and the subtypes that exist within it”.

Money Money Money

Felipe Oliveira

How is your relationship with Money? The truth is that many men have a poor relationship with Money. I know I have been one of them. 

In this elective, I will be exploring a topic that is not often discussed in men’s work – but it should be.  I will be sharing some of the lessons I wish I had learned in my 20s and 30s that cost me big time in my 40s. Join me. It’s time we developed a healthy and authentic relationship with our Finances! 

Ask The Plumber

Dr Jo Schoeman

“Q&A on all things anatomically MALE. Hosted by our resident Urologist, Uro-Jo. Covering topics such as “the dripping tap, urine incontinence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate cancer”  

Healthy Sexuality

William Diplock

“An exploration about what makes for a Healthy Sexuality in Relationship with self and a partner. And the opportunity to develop self-knowledge in group sharing”.

Good Grief

Will Diplock

“An exploration of some aspects of grief and a willingness to explore this is in an experiential setting”.

Contemplative Practice: Becoming Who You Are

Rob Jones

“Rob Jones explores the meaning and purpose of contemplative practice, and its role as a part of any spiritual/wisdom tradition”

Father Wounds

Rob Jones

“The unhealed emotional wounds and traumas of a father unintentionally passed down to his child”. 

Wild Wellness

Steve Freeman

Join Steve to look at how connecting with nature can improve our mental, emotional & physical health.
From simple mood improvement & lowered blood pressure through to helping facilitate deep personal healing and self exploration that uncovers our unique personal gifts and so much in between, Nature truly is good for the Soul!
Elective will include a simple understanding of nature-based models of wholeness and how they used therapeutically & for personal development, as well as a wandering activity to practically connect with nature and an opportunity to share experiences & ask questions”

How To Handle Tension in Relationships

David Cluff

What to expect: This will be an interactive workshop that supports participants to:

1) Develop clear language related to the experience of relational tension
2) Connect your body and belief system to triggers and tensions in relationship
3) Learn practical ways to identify, challenge and change negative beliefs that contribute to tension in relationship

Connecting Across the Generations: Younger Men, Midlife Men and Older Men: Together

John Lee and Max Taylor

– What is the “secret sauce” that makes across the age barrier friendships between men work?
– Connections: at the checkout, work, men’s groups, mentoring, uncle-ing, role modeling, family and ‘the village’.
– Being aware: the shadow, trauma and traps.