The Gathering

The Gathering is a weekend event for men of all ages run by the Centre for Men and Families Australia. A lot has been said about toxic masculinity and the damage it does in our society. The Gathering is a celebration of healthy masculinity where men can be equipped to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Whether you are new to the CFMA community, or a regular face, there will be something for you. The Gathering will include electives and workshops to help you navigate the beauty and pain of life as a man, along with plenty of time to relax, unwind and connect. 

Can’t come for the whole weekend? Come for a day instead!

We have a number of options for men that may only be able to attend one day, or live local and would prefer to sleep at home. Click the buttons below to register. 

Come along for the full Saturday: $250, includes all meals and full Saturday program 

Come along for Sunday only: $100, includes breakfast and lunch, and Sunday program (event wraps up at 2pm)

Attend the whole event and sleep at home: $300, includes all meals and full program Friday-Sunday

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

The Gathering 2023 Registrations Now Open. 

Cost: $395

Date: 19th-21st May 2023

Venue: The Outlook, 4001 Ipswich Boonah Rd, Boonah QLD

All meals, accommodation, bedding and all sessions are included in the cost.

Payment Options: Full amount can be paid by Credit, Debit Card or Direct Debit. To secure your place without playing the full amount immediately a $100 deposit can be made by choosing Direct Debit at checkout, then transfer $100 to the listed account.

Electives Speakers 2023:

For more info on elective speakers click on their picture.

Story and Self:

Joel McKerrow

If you are interested in any kind of creative writing be it stories, poetry, spiritual reflections, etc. then this workshop is for you. Join Joel McKerrow as he works through his own story-writing and poetry-writing framework, so that you can go and create your own thing.

Understanding Gender Wounds: For Men

William Diplock

“This workshop will have a brief overview and then move into some experiential activities to explore our gendered experience. This will be followed by a “Silent Witnessing Processes” all directed towards a deeper understanding how men in particular have been oppressed by Patriarchy”

The Art of Conversation 

Dom Fay

“For thousands of years, humans ended each day sitting around fires telling stories, sharing pains and joys, and connecting with each other in deeply meaningful and moving ways. These days, our conversations often find themselves mired in topics like weather, entertainment news, gossip, and work. This elective will explore using the art of storytelling to move our conversations into the deeper, more connected spaces we all long to inhabit”

The Boy Within: A Journey of Connection

Wayne Stevens

“Within each of us is a small boy. He is a place of wounding but also a place of great Joy and freedom. He desires to be safe and to run free in nature. This session is designed to help us encounter our inner boy and ask him what it is he needs. This session will use some theory to explain how this happens but most of the session we will use ritual, expressive therapies, Nature and silence to encounter the hidden place within”

Collage Mandala

Richard Fay

“Jungian therapy tells us that we are much more image-based than word-based creatures, and that the vast majority of who we are is unconscious to us; images access that unconscious wisdom. The mandala is a symbol that signifies the wholeness of self. The collage mandala workshop will help you discover aspects of your life in surprising ways, and give you something tangible to take with you to deepen your work”

Drum as One

Bill Schneider

“I have been a passionate drummer since I discovered drumming at The Centre for Men and Families about ten years ago. Come and join me as we explore the mental health and physical benefits of African Drumming. Learn a new rhythm or two and discover the social and emotional aspects of group drumming.
No Prior musical talents required”

Spiritual Abuse and Finding Faith Beyond the Church

Dan Foster

The church was always meant to be a place of emotional and spiritual safety where people could grow and thrive. But sadly, for many, the church has also been a place of wounding. We might have experienced profound rejection in the church, felt shamed, humiliated, manipulated or worse… abused. In this workshop, Dan shares personally about his experiences growing up in the church, his struggle feeling like he could never be enough for God, and his sense of betrayal and rejection by those who were supposed to represent a better way. Then Dan will open the space for a time of story-telling, sharing, grieving, healing and finding solidarity in our shared desire to connect with the Divine”

The Four Archetypes

Robert J Grimes

“Which One Do You Identify With?

Sovereign/Leader, Lover/Empath, Warrior/Soldier, Magician/Mystic

We will explore the 4 archetypes so you can have a better understanding of your prominent and primary archetype as well as identifying your secondary archetype and the shadow of them. By collective understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, you will walk away knowing yourself better and understanding others in how we trigger each other when we communicate and react out of our shadow archetypes. When we are in our authentic archetype we are in our Soulful Self. When we are in our shadow archetype we are in our Protective Personality. Our quest is to integrate all four, however this is a journey in life”

Mentoring Teenage Boys: Transformation of Angry Boys to Peaceful Warriors

Brett Stanford

“This workshop will be presented interactively in way of council and practically explore issues associated with supporting teenage boys experiencing difficulties with anger and resulting behavioural issues. Participant will learn basic brain science relevant to anger with practical experiential activities and tools modelled that may be helpful supporting boys to develop and flourish. These practical tools can be used by non-therapeutically trained men to equip dads, uncles, sports coaches and male mentors etc in conjunction with additional therapeutic professional support as required”

The Nine Motivators

Raj Nathoo

Doing what you love and loving what you do will bring you personal gratification. One of the keys to knowing what you love doing is know who you are, and what is motivating you. In this workshop you will be introduced to nine motivators that can provide clarity and if explored, will help you live your life authentically and in the direction of what is driving you internally. It is an interactive workshop with activities and an opportunity for one person to get his motivations mapped for free”

The Mental Health Benefits of Fly Fishing

Bill Schneider

“I have been a passionate fisherman all my life and even more so now that I have discovered fly fishing. Come and join me as we explore the benefits of fly fishing. From not only a physical point of view but also from a mental health point of view. We’ll put into practice some of the things you learn and set you on a path of self-discovery”

Body Connect

Tim Rose

Body Connect is a highly experiential and interactive workshop designed to assist in building connection with your body via slowing down and getting out of your head. You will be invited to encounter your body and connect through a range of mindfulness and body-based practices including: breath work; body scan; movement; voice and physical sound; touch; and noticing” 

The Great Courage in “Turning Up”

David Cluff

“A vulnerable and interactive workshop that highlights constraints, sensitivities and the secondary gains of holding back in many facets of life.

Explore the origins and persistence of fear and fear’s service to our holding back”

Wild Wellness; Deep Nature Connection Experience

Steve Freeman

We live in a world of frantic hyper connectivity that sadly leaves most of us more disconnected than anytime in history.
Much has been written about the Mental, Physical & Spiritual health benefits of connecting to nature. From simple mood improvement & lowered blood pressure through to helping facilitate deep personal healing and self-exploration that uncovers our unique personal gifts and so much in between.

We will begin with a short background & practical teaching on Dialogue with Nature. And then move into a time of nature Dialogue wandering, followed by a time of unpacking what occurred for people.

This is a short form of what I one of the things I offer on my Bush Retreat Day, nature retreats. Mary Oliver reminds us that “the world offers itself to our imaginations”, but are we paying attention??
Come along and be surprised”


Entering your Grief

William Diplock

“This workshop will be highly experiential in a Circle Format. A guided mediation will begin the workshop then an explanation of the process. then the circle will be open for an exploration go grief, once time has occurred a short closing will take place”

Coming from interstate? Free Bus Transfer from Brisbane Airport!

We are really looking forward to hosting men from all over Australia for The Gathering! This is a national event and no matter the state you are in, you are welcome. We realise there are some added difficulties to come from interstate or regional areas so we are hoping to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. There will be a free bus transfer to and from Brisbane airport for The Gathering.

Everything you’ll need for the weekend including bedding, accommodation and food is provided in your Gathering registration. You’ll just need to bring your own clothes for the weekend. 

Recorded sessions from The Gathering 2022 are available!

Five sessions from The Gathering are now available for you to purchase. You might want to watch these great sessions again, or you might have missed The Gathering this year and want to see what it was all about. The pack includes 3 elective sessions and 2 keynote sessions from the weekend. The videos will be shipped out to your address on a USB drive, later in July. Order yours today through the website.

Sessions from The Gathering 2022

Sessions from The Gathering 2022



The USB will include:

Key Note Sessions:

  • Hope is Not a Lottery Ticket: Richard Fay
  • You Playing Small Doesn’t Serve the World: Rob Jones

Elective Sessions:

  • Ask The Plumber: Dr Jo Schoeman
  • Enneagram: Understanding Our Shadow: Richard Fay
  • Contemplative Practice: Becoming Who You Are: Rob Jones

Out of stock

 If you are outside of Australia and would like to purchase the sessions please email: