Men’s Rites of Passage

Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP) is a unique five-day/four-night experience for men that builds on the classic patterns of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching. Each day includes major teachings on the central themes of masculinity, quiet time for reflection and sharing in the context of a small group.

This is not about religion, but about age old traditions that guide us into manhood, about coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in our lives than we could ever imagine.

Men are asked to come with a willingness to participate from beginning to end and not as an observer.

All participants begin at point zero with no agendas to live up to or down to. All that is required is for a man to come with a “beginner’s mind’ and the readiness of a novice seeking wisdom.

Ultimately, initiation, like life itself, is not a spectator sport.

Richard Rohr

Program Founder, MROP


  • A personal discovery about authentic masculinity and finding your place in the world.
  • A time to savour the healing and awesome power of nature.
  • A process to address issues of loss, grief, and relationships with our father, other men, and others.
  • An opportunity to examine life’s priorities and ask courageous questions about your next step.
  • An invitation to listen to the quiet voice within.
  • A chance to return to life with a renewed commitment to your gifts.


  • A traditional lecture-based retreat.
  • An informational workshop about masculinity.
  • A sensitivity training or deprivation experience.
  • A threatening process that requires participants to engage in anything unsafe.
  • A test of physical stamina.

What do past MROP participants have to say?

I came to MROP trying to find myself, Instead I found us….the great US….. I found myself amongst a community of men where I could be named and truly seen

It was so simple and yet so profound. I was pushed beyond my level of comfort in many ways and yet the sense of how it was all “so right” brought me through. I felt so many conflicting things – | was disorientated, thrilled, comforted, stretched and validated. I found brothers I never had or felt I deserved and I re-embraced my own life I nearly gave up on earlier this year. Last week at Somerset – | began to trust others again. Thank you for caring for me and guiding me to take this step

What an extraordinary group of men you’ve gathered there at CFMA. Everyone did a great job. Many lives were transformed. Blessings to you in the wonderful work of CFMA. What you’re doing is a great joy to the heart.

I write to thank you sincerely for the work you are doing with men. As I participated this last week I felt connected and enlivened by my connection to like brothers. And brothers in the truest sense of the word. I discovered things in my self and my life that I have been missing or perhaps just misplaced! The settling into silence was a blessing for myself and my overworked mind. l loved it.

Thank you for caring enough to be part of such a life-changing experience. I have come away – not battered or bruised or exhausted, but truly settled in my whole being – both physically emotionally and within my heart.

MROP 2024 Details:

Cost: Early Bird – $945

Date: Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17th  August 2024

Venue: Camp Somerset, Stanley Pocket Rd, via Esk QLD

All meals, accommodation, materials and transport are included in the cost. You will simply need to bring clothes and bedding for the cabin accommodation. 

A private bus will collect all participants from Roma St Station, Brisbane on Tuesday 12th August at 11:00am. It will return all participants to the Station by 5:00pm Saturday 17th August.  

Still unsure or have more questions?

Someone from our team can get in contact with you and talk through any questions you might have. Fill out an expression of interest form below and will get in touch as soon as we can.


Returning Men

For men who have done MROP in the past, the returning men’s program invites you to revisit your rites, deepen your own journey with other initiated men, and celebrate with this year’s initiates in the closing rites and in the feast afterwards.

Visit the Returning Men page for more information: