Initiated Men’s Retreats (IMR) are an opportunity for initiated men to gather and experience a weekend of contemplative practices together. There is a focus on Council, Nature and Community. We all need encouragement with our spiritual growth and reconnecting with nature.

IMR is an opportunity for you to make space to breathe and be.

Please Note – these events are for men who have already been through the Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP) or FORGED (Younger Men’s Rites of Passage) journey.

Queensland – IMR

Every year initiated men from around Australia gather at Bartopia campsite in Maroon, QLD. The beautiful campsite overlooks the scenic rim region of Queensland with rustic facilities to help you enjoy the Australian bush. There will be plenty of space to connect with people and with nature, and to experience ritual practices.  

Date: TBA 2024

Where: Burtopia Campsite, Maroon QLD

Cost: TBA


Every year initiated men from around Australia gather at Lake George: Silverwattle Quaker Centre in ACT.  Nesstled on the egde of the beautiful and mystical Lake Goerge in the ACT, this wonderful lakeside retreat will provide space for connection with nature , with men and provide an opporutniy for you to deepen into your expereinces as an Initiated Man.  

Date: 1st-3rd March 2024

Where: Lake Goerge Silverwattle Quaker Centre, ACT

Cost: TBC