Initiated Men’s Retreat


We have come to the unfortunate decision to postpone the planned upcoming Initiated Men’s Retreat in the NSW/ACT region. With ongoing isolation requirements and a need for sufficient numbers we felt it was too uncertain a situation to try and run an inaugural retreat in this region. We don’t postpone this lightly, and our heartfelt apologies go out to any brother who was looking forward to, or planning to attend, what would have been a special time away together.  

The new dates for this retreat are Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th March 2023, and it is very much open to both local and interstate brothers.  

In the process of coming together to plant this retreat we discovered a real desire to see a more connected region here in NSW & ACT. Many of us who live here have long periods in between travelling up to SE QLD for retreats or to visit brothers and it would be a wonderful thing indeed to deepen our connections with one another locally.  

So we are starting two new initiatives. The first is that we now have a regional email address which is: This will be a locus point for getting in touch with other men in this region. We will also be sending out a quarterly newsletter that will share what is happening in the region, and letting people know any opportunities for connecting with your local brothers.  

The second initiative is the beginning of a regional men’s group which will happen online via Zoom. This will likely happen one evening every fortnight in the form of the circle work approach that many or most of you will be familiar with from MROP and Initiated Men’s Retreats.  

If you are interested in being kept up to date of regional happenings, or in joining the online men’s group, or if you are interested in being involved in helping to tend and grow our NSW/ACT connections, please send us an email at:

Thank you men. May you all be safe, loved and well in this uncertain time.