An Evening With


If you are a friend of the Centre For Men and Families, you are invited to join us for ‘An Evening With’.
An Evening With is the quarterly gathering of the CFMA community where we meet to connect with old friends and make new friends too; where we enjoy good food together; and where we talk about navigating the beauty and the pain of life together.
No bullshit! Just honest conversations!

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A Combined Evening With:
Rites of Passage, because growing up is optional

This is the second combined event hosted by Mens Wellbeing, ManKind Project and Centre for Men and Families. Guest speakers include Andy Roy, Stephen Halsall and Tim Fisk.
More info below.  

Wednesday March 29, 2023

Time: 6.00-9.00PM

Location: Grange Community Hall 185 Wilston Rd, Newmarket QLD.

$20 per person, dinner provided.

For this combined event men only are invited to attend.

There will be a dinner and drinks beforehand, as well as plenty of time to connect with other people in the wider community.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Andy Roy

Andy Roy has been involved in men’s work for almost 20 years and as a father of six children, he is well aware that the teenage years for adolescent boys are often challenging for the entire family. As co-founder of Powerhouse Programs with Stephen Halsall, they offer their contemporary rite of passage “Journey to Manhood” program for families with teenage boys, because growing up is optional. For boys aged 13-16, this period of life is either fraught with danger or ripe for the harvesting. Mums, dads and the teenager himself are all experiencing this period differently. Andy is also a prolific devourer of ‘rite of passage’ related materials and resources, as he approaches his next rite of passage, into Elderhood.

Stephen Halsall

Stephen Halsall has been involved with ‘men’s work’ programs for almost 20 years, in particular rite of passage programs for teenage boys through both Pathways Foundation and over the last 14 years, Powerhouse Programs. He is currently a military psychologist following a GFC-impacted career change, is married to Ina and the father of two boys, Dominic (11) and Julian (7). Stephen has recently returned from Malaysia where he was responsible for supporting a group of 110 soldiers to thrive within a jungle training experience and develop into ‘better humans’. It is his passion that healthy, community-based ‘rites of passage’ programs will always be available for families that wish to celebrate their childrens’ steps into adulthood.

Tim Fisk

Tim Fisk has been a core part of Powerhouse Programs for over 10 years – starting out as a Volunteer to become a Module Leader, Program Manager, Elder and more recently as a Director. Tim has a passion for supporting the fathers through this dynamic family change. He also enjoys supporting and mentoring volunteers to develop into leaders of future programs.