An Evening With… Ash Barker

Thursday 14th March 2024


If you are a friend of the Centre For Men and Families, you are invited to join us for ‘An Evening With’.
An Evening With is a monthly online gathering where we meet to connect and talk about navigating the beauty and the pain of life together. We have conversations about all kinds of topics and issues to help men and their families – from mental health, sexuality, personal, emotional and spiritual growth, relationships, family, fatherhood, and how to  cope through life’s problems and pain.  Join us each month! 

This Month's Topic: Walking and Working Towards Wholeness

In his ‘An Evening With’ conversation, Ash Barker will be drawing upon his many years of community organising experience to explore the ways he has seen and experienced transformation. This is connected to his work in communities around the world, and will draw on some of the ideas from his latest book, ‘No Wasteland; How to Grow Seeds of Shalom in your Neighbourhood.’ He will also explore how doing his Rites in 2017 at The Bield, in Perth, Scotland, has impacted his life’s journey and how Pilgrimage plays a ongoing role in his journey of transformation. This will be a hopeful conversation that you won’t want to miss.

About Rev Dr Ash Barker

Ash Barker is a devoted husband and father who has dedicated over three decades to serving urban communities grappling with poverty. Based in Winson Green, inner-city Birmingham, UK, he and his wife, Anji have established Newbigin House, fostering local congregations and innovative organisations, like Newbigin Community Trust, and Red Letter Christians UK. As the leader of Seedbeds, he empowers local leaders and communities through practical programs, amining to unlock their unique potential. With a PhD in urban poverty, Ash is also an accomplished author and lecturer, having founded various impactful initiatives like Urban Neighbours of Hope, Surrender Conferences over the years.



Thursday 14th March

Time: 6.30-8.00 PM (QLD Time)

Location: Online

Cost: $15pp per single session

$80pp per advanced yearly session

Men and women are both welcome to attend

Once you purchase a ticket a zoom link will be sent to you via email 24 hours prior to the event.