Individual Counselling

Making the decision to see a Counsellor can be difficult. CFMF recognises this and wants to assure you that should you make this decision that you will find CFMF is all about providing a safe place for people to discover their true selves, as we are all unique with our own stories and concerns and these need to be respected. Therefore, counsellors at CFMF utilise a number of different approaches to counselling and will, in consultation with the client, use these different approaches to reach the desired outcome.


Couples Counselling

To work effectively it’s important that couples share openly during their sessions with a Counsellor. Because there are different relationship styles and therapeutic approaches, it is important that you feel comfortable in order to achieve the best possible outcome. If after commencing counselling you find you do not connect relationally with your counsellor, please do not hesitate to ask to see someone else.


Family Counselling

Family counselling may involve several members or the whole family. Sometimes it means involving Mum or Dad with a son or daughter coming together to resolve a school or family issue. At other times it may be about learning alternative approaches to parenting.


Telephone and Skype Counselling

Australia is a vast country and personal circumstances vary, so sometimes those in need of help just cannot travel either short or long distances for help. Under these circumstances counsellors can provide counselling by ‘phone or Video conferencing (eg Skype or Zoom) using the same therapeutic approaches as in face-to-face sessions.


Appointments & Consultation Times

Appointments can be made directly with the counsellors and consultations normally take place during normal working hours.



In the course of providing our services, personal and sensitive information is shared. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your information which will be held in a secure system and is only accessible to you and your counsellor.