Regular Events


An Evening with…………..

When: This event is held 4-5 times per year

Where: Variable Venues

What: Each night we will have food or coffee and have a special guest to talk about issues surrounding men and Spirituality in today’s age. We will have topics such as boys in education, Rites of Passage and gender reconciliation. There is no charge for this event but we gladly take donations to help cover costs. Centre for Men Australia is a Not for Profit organisation providing Ancient wisdom for the Modern Man.

The nights start at 6.00 pm and concludes by 9 pm

in 2021 we will have topics such as

  • Nature and Spirituality
  • Gender reconciliation
  • and The Male Spiritual Journey
  • As well as many others

If you want to know more go here

Annual Mens Rites of Passage (MROP)


The Program is a unique five-day / four-night soul-transforming experience that builds on the classic patterns of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching. The purpose of MROP is to initiate men into the second half of life, as elders and learners in their communities.

MROP is not like any other men’s retreat, but life-changing event that can only be experienced once. Click here to read more about Men’s Rites of Passage.