The Cosmic Importance of Male Initiation NZ

Our world is yearning and groaning for authentic men. This one day workshop will inspire and challenge how society has molded men to conform and get in line. BUT what if we are here for more? What if we were created to be HERE, to be present to all that the world has to offer. This one day workshop will help answer this urgent question, with lots of take-home grounded practical experience (and not death by Powerpoint!).

Morning & afternoon tea is provided.

Haven House 1855 Great North Rd Avondale Auckland


Our Presenter

Richard Fay is CEO for the Centre for Men Australia and an engaging, interactive presenter. He has a decade’s experience in leading men in transformative male spirituality. Richard is also a counsellor in private practice and is in the final year of spiritual direction formation. 

About the Centre for Men Australia

Centre for Men Australia has hosted the annual Men’s Rites of Passage in Australia since 2007, The men’s Rites of passage was founded by Richard Rohr Franciscan priest and author. Centre for Men Australia offers retreat, small group and one-on-one support for men of all ages.

The workshop will include:

  • learning how the experiences of initiation, across cultures and traditions, have grounded men in the sacred for life now.
  • considering how men are going in our society and what many men are seeking to find.
  • listening to the workshop leader, and other men, share how their lives have changed after completing the men’s rites of passage.
  • experiences of being in the presence of other men who listen and show respect.
  • opportunities to work together in different ways: large group, small group and individually.


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