“It was so simple and yet so profound. I was pushed beyond my level of comfort in many ways and yet the sense of how it was all “so right” brought me through. I felt so many conflicting things – | was disorientated, thrilled, comforted, stretched and validated. I found brothers I never had or felt I deserved and I re-embraced my own life I nearly gave up on earlier this year. Last week at Somerset – | began to trust others again. Thank you for caring for me and guiding me to take this step”

“What an extraordinary group of men you’ve gathered there in MTM. Everyone did a great job. Many lives were transformed. Blessings to you in the wonderfulwork of MTM. What you’re doing is a great joy to the heart.”

“I write to thank you sincerely for the work you are doing with men. As I participated this last week I felt connected and enlivened by my connection to like brothers. And brothers in the truest sense of the word. I discovered things in my self and my life that I have been missrng or perhaps just misplaced! The seftling into silence was a blessing for myself and my overworked mind. lloved it.”

“Thank you for caring enough to be part of such a life-changing experience. I have come away – not battered or bruised or exhausted, but truly settled in my whole being – both physically emotionally and within my heart.”

In this Video a few excellent men share their story of how they came to be involved in Center for Men Australia and how they found the experience of Men’s rites of Passage MROP.