Volunteering @ CFMA

There is so much need in the world. There is so much we can do it is hard to choose what is most important. At CFMA we want to address what is ‘Our’s to do’ not just what presents as most urgent. By taking this tact we are concentrating on a few key issues that are part of our vision and mission. This also applies to volunteers. We want to find the best match for you and your passions. But make no mistake this not all about work. We also have an awesome time, bonding and sharing life together. Serving is a key part of the Journey of Illumination.

Do you know your personality type? if not you can explore below

Enneagram test

These will let you know where you best may serve whether within CFMA or in another volunteer organisation.

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities to explore.  What might suit you best? or even what might make you come alive? This is not an exhaustive list and the MBTI/Enneagram typing is very loose. If you want to know more email us at admin@cfma.org.au

Description Hours
MBTI Type Enneagram Type
Phone Roster We have a new Phone System in place. We will begin to setup a roster to have the CFMA phone diverted to your home phone or mobile. AS NEEDED ESFP 2 or 4
HADS This is for someone who would like to visit men in drug and alcohol rehab. We go in once a month for a couple of hours. 3 hrs when  rostered ENFP 2 or 4
Group Facillitator Do you have a bunch of guys you like to hang out with? Maybe you can start a group in your local area 4 hrs weekly or f/n ENFJ 5
Board Secretary Do you have a background in Business or other boards? We would like to hear from you. 3 hrs per f/n INTJ 3

I had received such a new lease on life from CFMA and the programs they provided I wanted to give back. I did not have a lot of time but they found a spot for me they brought me great joy……. I now try to serve whenever I get the opportunity. It truly is the joy to serve. Now instead of asking ‘what is CFMA going to do about …….? I ask ‘what are WE going to do about…….’?

Below is a list of other opportunities you might be interested in:

  • BBQ nights
  • Younger Men’s Rites of Passage
  • MROP Kitchen Hand
  • Initiated Men’s Retreat Team
  • Answering Phones

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