testosteroneWhen it comes to our reproductive biology, men want to know, but they mostly don’t want to ask. Those questions, about the male reproductive area. For younger men, the questions revolve around issues including testicular cancer and premature ejaculation. For fathers to be, should you have your sons circumcised? For older men, the issues include erectile dysfunction and waning libido, the role of viagra, loss of muscle mass, the prostate, PSA levels, incontinence…

Men tend to chuckle over their own sexual health but don’t understand what is really going on down there – and are afraid to ask.

On Saturday 30 April, the Centre for Men Australia is hosting a free one-off men’s health seminar with Dr Jo Schoeman (MROP 2015). Jo is a urologist, a surgeon who specialises in the urinary tract of men and women as well as the reproductive organs of men. Jo is based at the Australian Centre for Bladder and Bowel Incontinence at the Pelvic Medicine Centre at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital.

Jo will be de-bunking the myth of Testosterone and focus on what God intended it for. He will take you through the organs and systems it affects in a brief summary, and answer those questions you want to ask.

The seminar will run from 9am till 10.30 at Centenary UC Hall, 37 Riverhills Road, Middle Park (entry to the hall is from the rear end of the carpark). Jo will answer questions and will hang around afterwards if you would like to talk with him. This is an excellent opportunity to invite any men you know who have questions or want to be informed about the health of their reproductive organs. It is also a great way to introduce your friends to Centre for Men and what we are about.

Although this is a free seminar, we would like you to RSVP by emailing admin@cfma.org.au so we can set up the space in advance for the appropriate number of men. A men’s breakfast with David Way will precede the seminar – see here for more information.