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Life As A Tree

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There is an odd thing about nature; everything is quite adept at being what it is, except humans.I look out at everything growing so wild and faithfully beneath the sky and wonder why we are the one terrible part of creation privileged to refuse our flowering.(David Whyte)The problem with understanding why we make ourselves so complicated is not…

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The Man Is Home

Over the last few days I hosted a workshop on becoming a healthy man at a conference called Surrender (www.surrender.org) which is held each year in Victoria and South Australia. I was given 90 minutes to explain how initiation helps men become elders in their community.I looked up and noticed the room was filled with indigenous brothers, many…

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One Man’s Journey: A Change of Tides – Church After MROP

Taking stock of the immense changes I faced after doing the Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP), I found the elements in my life fell into three categories:Things either seemed almost new to me as I saw them now with a different set of eyes and heart, shifted in their importance depending on their relevance to me or my place in…

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