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Our (CFMA/Illuman etc) Global Wisdom Council statement on COVID-19

Link to Our (CFMA/Illuman etc) Global Wisdom Council statement on COVID-19

March 29, 2020Brothers around the world,Honoring our Council practices, we write to you from the heart and we will be lean of speech!Twelve men from seven countries hosting work inspired by Richard Rohr’s teaching and M.A.LE.s, have formed a Global Wisdom Council which aims to weave together our common aspirations to re-ground masculine practice to truly serve our…

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International Gathering for Men, with Richard Rohr

Every two years in November, Illuman (the governing body for MROP and the Journey of Illumination) holds both Soularize (for initiated men only) and Illuman conference (for all men) near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Several men from Australia and NZ attended the conference in 2014 and reported that it was very powerful.The 2016 conference is now open for registrations…

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