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True Self False Self: Discovering our core identity

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The False SelfThere is a version you that you identify with as who you actually are, but it is a complete fiction. It doesn’t actually exist, except within your mind. This is the place of universal addiction, the self-referential, self-defending, self-promoting, self-defeating, self-condemning, endlessly relating-to-everything-from-yourself-as-the-reference-point story you started writing from the first moment you experienced your first flash…

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You are going to die…

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This blog was written by Martin, a member of a Centre for Men-supported group in Melbourne, Victoria. His own reflection on one of the five promises of male initiation creates healthy space for discussion.When the tenth doctor dies in the Doctor Who TV series, his final words were simply, “I don’t want to go.” It seems absurd mentioning Doctor…

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Waltzing With Thanatos

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A year. That’s all. If you are lucky, my neighbour was told recently. He is my ‘twin’ – born within hours of me. He’s been my neighbour for most of my adult life. Today he called me with the news, so we sat and chatted. Across from me is a friend I will no longer see, very soon….

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Why, For or With?

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A cruisy, summer sunday afternoon in 21st century Australia, Jed’s savouring an ice cold beer after mowing his lawn, fresh cut grass filling the air, as his teenage daughter backs out the driveway. A thud. Silence. A scream. Glass shatters, beer flows effortlessly over the table, empty. Empty. A stumbling run, an erupting panic. His little boy lies…

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