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Recorded sessions from The Gathering 2022 now available!

Five sessions from The Gathering are now available for you to purchase. You might want to watch these great sessions again, or you might have missed The Gathering this year and want to see what it was all about. The pack includes 3 elective sessions and 2 keynote sessions from the weekend. The videos will be shipped out to your address on a USB drive. Shipping is included in the purchase price.

The USB will include:

Key Note Sessions:

Hope is Not a Lottery Ticket: Richard Fay
“In this session, Richard Fay talks about why – despite life’s deepest darkest tragedies – there are still good reasons to hold onto hope”

You Playing Small Doesn’t Serve the World: Rob Jones
“In this session, Rob Jones unpacks the recurring pattern of order, disorder and reorder that men cycle through throughout their lives and the dangers of living in perpetual victimhood”

Elective Sessions:

Ask The Plumber: Dr Jo Schoeman
“Q&A on all things anatomically MALE. Hosted by our resident Urologist, Uro-Jo. Covering topics such as “the dripping tap, urine incontinence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate cancer”

Enneagram: Understanding Our Shadow: Richard Fay
“The Enneagram is a way of understanding how we hide from ourselves, the ways our ego shows up in the world and in relationships, and the different movements towards integration and disintegration. We will explore an overview of the Enneagram and the subtypes that exist within it”.

Contemplative Practice: Becoming Who You Are: Rob Jones
“Rob Jones explores the meaning and purpose of contemplative practice, and its role as a part of any spiritual/wisdom tradition”


If you are outside of Australia and would like to purchase the sessions please email: