Outside the Man Box: A free BBQ and Talk - Monday 3 June at Brookfield

What is a man box? How would you identify it and how do you get out of it? We invite you to join us for a free BBQ and talk on Monday 3 June at the Brookfield Centre, 139 Brookfield Road Kenmore Hills. The night starts at 6pm and will conclude before 9pm.

CEO Richard Fay will speak on the man box, a limited set of rules that restrict men from the full spectrum of life. He will address what causes it, what life outside the box looks like, and how to break the box open. This night is open to all men, and is a great way to introduce new men to second half of life journey and the Men’s Rites of Passage. The evening is free for all guests, and $15 for regulars. Please RSVP (admin@cfma.org.au) by Friday 31 May to ensure you are catered for.

About Richard Fay

Richard is the Ambassador for the Centre for Men, has a background as a pastor and spent many years in the corporate sector. He has a masters in counselling and a diploma in ministry, and has a heart to champion men, women, marriages and families. Richard is married to his wife Judy and has three sons.

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