The Gathering

The Gathering is a weekend event for men of all ages run by the Centre for Men and Families Australia. A lot has been said about toxic masculinity and the damage it does in our society. The Gathering is a celebration of healthy masculinity where men can be equipped to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Whether you are new to the CFMF community, or a regular face, there will be something for you. The Gathering will include electives and workshops to help you navigate the beauty and pain of life as a man, along with plenty of time to relax, unwind and connect. 

Keynote Speaker for 2024: Brian McLaren 

Brian McLaren is a best-selling author, speaker, activist, and networker among innovative faith leaders. A college English teacher and pastor, he has written 15 books, including ‘The Great Spiritual Migration’. He is a passionate advocate for a ‘new kind of Christianity’  – just generous and working with people of all faiths for the common good.  He is a teacher at the Center for Action and Contemplation, founded by Fr. Richard Rohr. 

Brian will be joining us via live stream to present his sessions. In addition, there will be a wide range of elective-based sessions offered by local speakers covering a variety of topics to support men in their personal, emotional and spiritual growth. 

The Gathering 2024 


Early Bird $395 (closes 5th April 2024)

Full Price: $455 (closes 3rd May 2024)

Day Passes: $300 (closes 3rd May 2024)

Date: 17th – 19th May 2024 – Arrival 4-5pm Friday and Depart 2pm Sunday 

Venue: The Outlook, 4001 Ipswich Boonah Rd, Boonah QLD

All meals, accommodation, bedding and all sessions are included in the cost.

Payment Options: Full amount can be paid by Credit, Debit Card or Direct Debit. To secure your place without playing the full amount immediately a $100 deposit can be made by choosing Direct Debit at checkout, then transfer $100 to the listed account.

Can’t come for the whole weekend? Come for a day instead!

We have a number of options for men that may only be able to attend one day, or live local and would prefer to sleep at home. Click the buttons below to register. 

Come along for the full Saturday which includes all meals and full Saturday program

Come along for Sunday which includes breakfast and lunch, and Sunday program (event wraps up at 2pm)

Attend the whole event and sleep at home which includes all meals and full program Friday-Sunday

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Elective Speakers 2024:

Please click on the photos for speaker bio’s.

Silent Echoes: The Wisdom of Deep Listening

Joel McKerrow

“I was never taught how to truly listen to people (or to myself). I don’t think any of us have been. It’s something I learnt over the YEARS of being a creative artist. How not just to hear what someone is saying, but how to listen at a DEEPER level to both them and to myself. This practice has changed EVERYTHING for me. Truly.”

Peering into the world of women…3 keys to greater understanding

Janet Mumford

“The workshop will focus on understanding the key differences between men and women; communicating effectively with women and how to meet her needs while helping her to meet yours. Time will be allocated for questions of a general nature”

The Clarifying Honesty of Anger

Richard Fay

“Anger is always a powerful energy and it is always honest. It has been said that men often cry by being angry. However, anger gets a very bad rap in society – especially when it is coming from a man. This workshop will explore why anger often makes difficult situations worse, and how to use it well for growth and transformation.”

Sorrows of the soul: an invitation to speak your grief

Leigh Donovan

Where do men go to speak of their sorrows? What sorrows are you holding that need to be shared? How can sharing these sorrows promote wellness? This workshop will enable a sacred space for honouring the grief of participants and explore ways as citizens of the world, we can become participants in growing healthy grieving conversations and rituals within our homes, families and communities.

The Mythic Man: Story-Work, Soul-Work and Star-Wars

Joel McKerrow

“In this workshop we will look through the lens of mythology to better understand our inner worlds. Exploring the FOUR main purposes of mythological stories and how these purposes might just give us the way forward in our own journeys in seeking to cultivate a more authentic and meaningful existence.”

Learning to Fall Upwards - Pursuing the Wisdom Journey through Life's Challenges

Rob Jones

“This is a heartfelt, practical workshop for all facing personal life-challenges. Rob will explore questions like: What do you do when your current toolbox doesn’t work anymore? What does this journey look like and what are the new tools needed to embrace the Wisdom Journey? And many more. “

The Art of Communication

Robert Grimes

“Until we love and understand ourselves, it will be challenging to understand others. Do you communicate with intent, from a loving place? How do you communicate and behave when you are fearful? How can you be playful with the ones you love? We can explore some of the possibilities of effectively communicating. Are you aware when you are communicating from your Soulful Self or Protective Personality? Let’s have a group conversation and draw out relational wisdom from all of us.”

The Spirituality Of Tomorrow

Dom Fay

“For as long as we’ve been here, human life has been animated by questions of longing, suffering, love and meaning. And yet, with the spiritual traditions in rapid decline, we find ourselves in the midst of a moment of global uncertainty about where to turn with these deeper movements of the soul. This elective will look at the path that lies ahead for exploring, celebrating, wrestling with and living alongside the great mystery.”




How Real Men Help Teach The World to Be Kind

David Ayliffe

“Hollywood teaches that real men speak loudest and often with their muscles and fists. It teaches that those who are sensitive, quiet and tender-hearted were never really men at all. We think we’ve moved on from this, but the “once upon a time world” continues with neo Nazis, white supremacists and ultra nationalists trying to claim the world for themselves and declaring MIGHT IS RIGHT.

So, can we change our world? Can we teach a generation of children to look for and enact kindness around them? If we can, how will that change you and me for the better?”

Keeping Yourself SAFER: An Integrated Approach to Self-Care

Haydn Parsons

“The SAFER wellbeing system is an integrated approach to self-care. Each participant in the elective has the opportunity to reflect on current habits. Each participant will be able to build their own unique self-care plan.”


Billy Jangala

“An old Aboriginal proverb says, “To live in the homeland of the kangaroo, you must first learn from the emu, so you can soar like the wedge-tail eagle.”  It speaks to connection to Creator and creation in community. Experience aspects of this as we unpack and explore its truth in various ways.”



Stress! The Hidden Killer, Or Is It?

Neil Roberts

This workshop will consider some of the physiology and psychology of Stress. We will look at some of the myths that are widely believed about stress and anxiety and offer and alternative way of framing the very common daily experience  in a more positive light.


Traveling from Interstate?

A free private bus will collect any participants from Brisbane Airport on Friday 17th May and return on Sunday 19th May. Please indicate that you will require this service once you register.