christmas-foodCentre for Men’s annual end of year gathering is on Monday 4th December at 7pm, at Brookfield Centre for Spirituality, 139 Brookfield Road Kenmore Hills. The evening will conclude by 9pm.

This is our last official event for 2017. We invite men and their partners to come with a plate of food to share, so that we can bless each other and enjoy each other’s company.

There is no cost for this event, however you are welcome to contribute a small donation towards the cost of renting the venue if you feel to. There is also no need to RSVP to this invitation, as we are all providing the catering. I (Richard Fay) will share (very briefly!) on the year past and what the year ahead holds.

If you cannot make the evening, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our work in helping men who are in crisis find hope, purpose and meaning in their suffering. At a time when the world is increasingly unstable and polarised politically and socially, two things are clear: If we do not process our pain, we will transmit it; and secondly, that  “initiated men” are what our planet needs more than ever, men who can hold the space open for all voices, who honour women and care for minorities and the protect the environment, men who are committed to peace, who can hear everyone’s pain, and invite everyone to belong. May you have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful new year.