Can you spare a minute to help a cause very close to the heart?

Men enjoying the sunset in silence

Recently a grant application was submitted for Centre For Men Australia to Sunsuper that made it through to the Top 6 finalists in the country!
However, CFMA now need your help!
We need votes on the Sunsuper Grant Website  to get into the next round.

If we get voted into the top 3, CFMA will receive a grant of $5000 for the charity.
If we get into the first position – we will recieve a grant of $10,000, with a chance to win a further $40,000

Currently Centre for Men receives no financial assistance from government sources & has limited resources to assist men in crisis relying heavily on goodwill donations. Men’s mental health is a significant growing issue in Australian society contributing to domestic violence, significant anxiety & depression & too often resulting in male suicide (we have amongst the highest male suicide rates in the world).

Each dollar raised from grants will help men at risk in several ways:
* Subsidised counselling for men in crisis who are without financial means to access it.
* Subsidised attendance at men’s group retreats for those without financial means.
* Updating Centre For Men’s outdated systems to help better manage the growing client base
* Growing the men’s group work network accross Australia & equipping training of facilitators & leaders to empower this to happen.

So Please!  Vote for Centre For Men and Families. 

NOTE: you click VOTE – then you must click on the Email confirmation that comes back, search for the email as it may appear in your spam filter or junk email inbox.


Thank you for voting (and partnering) Centre For Men Australia’s Dream – to make this world a better place.
So- Go for it!   Help us win the grant!