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Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi formed a concept he calls flow, which we might term being in the zone. I’m imagining jazz musician James Morrison ‘feeling’ the music and improvising so that he becomes an extension of it; he experience his whole being light up as the notes flow through him from secret wells of delight. His proficiency meets…

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I grew up in a culture that embraced it head on, through music and art and food, through design and fashion and flowers, perfume and poise and the gentle love of a mother for her child. My early memories are of flowery patterns billowing out of pleated frocks, offsetting my mother’s refusal to shave her hairy legs. That…

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Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 6th August

This is a reminder that our quarterly men’s breakfast will be held on Saturday 6th August at the Brookfield Centre, 139 Brookfield Road Kenmore Hills.Our speaker is Liz Walker, CEO of Youth Wellbeing Project. Liz speaks extensively on the challenge that porn presents to our young people, providing education and awareness to help people recognise the predatory nature of porn…

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International Gathering for Men, with Richard Rohr

Every two years in November, Illuman (the governing body for MROP and the Journey of Illumination) holds both Soularize (for initiated men only) and Illuman conference (for all men) near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Several men from Australia and NZ attended the conference in 2014 and reported that it was very powerful.The 2016 conference is now open for registrations…

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Three Paths

Crises and transitions invite men to take one of three paths. Unknowingly, we set out on one of these paths, and this determines the rest of our lives. Which path is the way of wisdom? It is not always as obvious as it seems.On Monday 30 May, Centre for Men is hosting a BBQ (free for guests, $15…

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Testosterone Debunked – A Special Men’s Health Seminar

When it comes to our reproductive biology, men want to know, but they mostly don’t want to ask. Those questions, about the male reproductive area. For younger men, the questions revolve around issues including testicular cancer and premature ejaculation. For fathers to be, should you have your sons circumcised? For older men, the issues include erectile dysfunction and…

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