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Reminder: Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 4th March with Ralph Reilly

This is a reminder of the first men’s breakfast for 2017 on Saturday 4th March at 7am, concluding by 9am. A continental breakfast will be served at 7.15, followed by a talk by Ralph Reilly. Ralph is the Australian Coordinator for incarnational mission network “Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor.” Ralph’s journey has taken him from Honours in Physics, through…

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BBQ night and talk: Living Free of The White Male System

Over the past 500 years, society has constructed a way of thinking and living that now imprisons men, trapping them in cycles of futility. Get good grades, go to university or learn a trade, work hard, pay the bills, raise the kids, wrestle with traffic and hopefully have something at the end of it all to take a few cruises before…

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Why The Rich Are More Equal Than Others

I once heard a talk on the underlying value of a society, and how it unconsciously affects how that society lives. Some societies are ruled by the state: Much of Eastern Europe was once under this cloud. Today, North Korea is one of the few remaining countries with this ideology. Fear predominates, suspicion is rampant, and dissension is silenced,…

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Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi formed a concept he calls flow, which we might term being in the zone. I’m imagining jazz musician James Morrison ‘feeling’ the music and improvising so that he becomes an extension of it; he experience his whole being light up as the notes flow through him from secret wells of delight. His proficiency meets…

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I grew up in a culture that embraced it head on, through music and art and food, through design and fashion and flowers, perfume and poise and the gentle love of a mother for her child. My early memories are of flowery patterns billowing out of pleated frocks, offsetting my mother’s refusal to shave her hairy legs. That…

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Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 6th August

This is a reminder that our quarterly men’s breakfast will be held on Saturday 6th August at the Brookfield Centre, 139 Brookfield Road Kenmore Hills.Our speaker is Liz Walker, CEO of Youth Wellbeing Project. Liz speaks extensively on the challenge that porn presents to our young people, providing education and awareness to help people recognise the predatory nature of porn…

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