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Life As A Tree

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There is an odd thing about nature; everything is quite adept at being what it is, except humans.I look out at everything growing so wild and faithfully beneath the sky and wonder why we are the one terrible part of creation privileged to refuse our flowering.(David Whyte)The problem with understanding why we make ourselves so complicated is not…

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Drawing from a Deeper Well

Six talks given by Father Richard Rohr to men at the annual Illuman conference held on November 4-6 2016 in Bernadillo, New Mexico are now available at no charge from the Illuman website. The videos are available here.

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We Don’t Need Another Hero

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There’s a growing obsession with superheroes. Every second movie has one (or many). They have become a bit more nuanced since 9/11, for example Iron-Man’s PTSD, but they are still “different.” Beyond. Other. And therein lies the problem. Leaders are meant to be above the grime, and in faith circles where purity codes are social currency, this is…

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Life As A Tree: Free BBQ night on Monday 10th April

Link to Life As A Tree: Free BBQ night on Monday 10th April

One of the best models for understanding how we connect with and how we avoid our lives is the metaphor of a tree. The problem is, most people believe that we are what we think, say and do, what we know, our attitudes and so on. Although this is where life and energy resides, represented by the branches and the leaves,…

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Returning Initiated Men for Men’s Rites of Passage 2017

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The brochure/application form for the Returning Initiated Men’s program at the 2017 Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP) is now available here.Returning men get to revisit their rites, engage in new expressions of ritual practice, connect with other initiated men, and welcome this year’s cohort of men into their initiation. This is also an opportunity to serve these man,…

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Reversal Learning

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What’s reversal learning? I hear you ask. It’s a pretty important mechanism that I need to work in my brain, as I discovered a couple of night’s ago. I arrived home at 10.30pm after a very long day, which was preceded by an even longer day (it ended at 1.30am). My wife, who lectures, is in orientation week at…

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Living Free of the White Male System

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In 1972, Ann Wilson Schaef, an American psychotherapist, coined the phrase “white male system.” which is a consciousness that she says infects everyone living in western society. It’s a very addictive way of thinking and feeling that imprisons us, but we don’t know it exists because of how clever the system is. Imagine a prison cell with four…

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