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Hide and Seek in Couples

Link to Hide and Seek in Couples

In the following article by relationship counsellor David Cluff, the ways that couples get stuck in conflict are explored, and a way out of it is offered. Practical examples are offered for any couple (or couples counsellor) to consider.Research reflects that 7% of communication relates to the actual words spoken.(Mehrabian & Wiener, 1967 and Mehrabian & Ferris, 1967)….

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Men and Suicide

Let’s Learn more about Men & Suicide, Please view this excellent infographic prepared by Wayne Stevens about men, and why suicide is so prevalent in our society at the moment.Note: for counseling, groups or men’s retreats, please visit or call us on 07) 33761120 to find out more.Of course, you can visit us on Facebook too.Importantly –…

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Every Man Should Drum: If not for fun, for his health

Link to Every Man Should Drum: If not for fun, for his health

(This article is by Bill Schneider, a certified counsellor with Centre for Men (see details here) and an initiated man. It reflects on his experience of a rarely mentioned aspect of the Men’s Rites of Passage and the power this has had on his life.)The invitation to Men’s Rights of Passage was something I looked forward to with…

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Conspire 2018 Conference with Richard Rohr

Link to Conspire 2018 Conference with Richard Rohr

The Centre for Practical Spirituality, in conjunction with the Centre for Men and Families, is hosting the Conspire 2018 conference, via video link, in Brisbane, from Friday 7 September to Sunday 9 September. The venue is Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Road New Farm.Presenters include Richard Rohr, Barbera Holmes, Brian McLaren, Barbara Brown Taylor and Mirabai Starr. They…

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Working with Dreams, an evening with George Trippe, Monday 3 September

Link to Working with Dreams, an evening with George Trippe, Monday 3 September

We are thrilled to offer an evening with Jungian therapist George Trippe on working with dreams, understanding their hidden meaning. How do you make sense of that one third of your life where your unconscious is able to speak to you symbolically, with no interruptions from your ego?The evening is on Monday 3 September at the Brookfield Centre…

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Skin Hungry

Link to Skin Hungry

Recently, I saw a video of a panel of men responding to questions from women about what men wished women knew. At the end, a woman asked “why is my husband so crazy about sex?”One man on the panel gave the most insightful answer I have ever heard on the topic. He said “your husband isn’t crazy about…

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Invisible Means of Support

Link to Invisible Means of Support

While driving around a frosty New Zealand landscape last year, I listened to a podcast interview with Richard Rohr. He said that he fears we are on the verge of a tsunami of baby boomer men who will contemplate suicide as their performance-driven, individualistic lives reach the inevitable powerlessness of old age. It’s a stage of life that…

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