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The Rite Stuff: Who is Right for Rites?

This is the third in a series of blogs on the Men’s Rite of Passage (MROP), a unique, five day experience for men to prepare them for the second half of life. In the first blog, “The Rite Stuff: Why Initiation?” I discussed why initiation is so vital in the disconnected, alienating society we have created. In the…

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The Rite Stuff: What is It?

Last time I wrote on why initiation is vital for the modern western man. Not only in adolescence, which, thankfully, is starting to occur, but for older men (anyone over 30, and many who are under 30) who are entering the second half of life without the tools needed for the journey.In this blog I want to talk…

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About Faith

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I want to write about faith, but I am plagued by uncertainty.Our brains like certainty. They like to name things, so they can colonise what they name with specific meaning. They hate uncertainty. It creates a sense of powerlessness that is very difficult to sustain for long periods. Neurologically, it’s very challenging.In the past few weeks, my wife…

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An Exaltation

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As a lover of words, the nomenclature of birds has long fascinated me. A parliament of owls. A company of parrots (with Major Mitchell at the fore, eh what, capital!). A cauldron of raptors and a congregation of plovers. On and on, each with a sense of imagination of what that bird represents to the one who named…

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The Elbow of Justice

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My worst moment of parenting, one of the worst moments of my life, happened almost 15 years ago. I was rushing out the door to lead a weekend retreat for 50 people. I had been planning feverishly for months. Everything was ready, except I couldn’t find my car keys. I searched high and low, becoming increasingly frantic as…

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Waltzing With Thanatos

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A year. That’s all. If you are lucky, my neighbour was told recently. He is my ‘twin’ – born within hours of me. He’s been my neighbour for most of my adult life. Today he called me with the news, so we sat and chatted. Across from me is a friend I will no longer see, very soon….

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Mr Blue Sky

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A cruisy, summer sunday afternoon in 21st century Australia, Jed’s savouring an ice cold beer after mowing his lawn, fresh cut grass filling the air, as his teenage daughter backs out the driveway. A thud. Silence. A scream. Glass shatters, beer flows effortlessly over the table, empty. Empty. A stumbling run, an erupting panic. His little boy lies…

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When my wife’s older siblings started school, they were allowed to go barefoot. Barefoot sounds primitive (or at least Hobbit-like) and terribly unsophisticated to my Sydney North Shore upbringing. I was in shoes before I could walk. My father did not own a shirt without collars and wore a tie on weekends if he left the house. I…

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