Board Jottings 20th Jan, 2015

The CFMA Board met on Tuesday 20th January and will from now on publish a summary of matters discussed immediately after each board meeting, to include our community in what is being discussed and the direction we are going. Your feedback and input is welcome. If you have a matter you would like the Board to discuss at its next meeting, please email us or contact one of the Board members.

Members present:
Richard Fay
Rob Jones
Max Dickman
Brian Langridge
David Formby
Ron Nix
Bert Post

CEO Report

  1. Richard provided an update on MROP 2015. Brochure and application forms will be posted on the website later this week.
  2. Our first Firming weekend for initiated men is scheduled for 1-3 May, 2015. Planning is underway and brochure with application form is being prepared. John Guy will be the weaver and Steve Freeman the ritual elder.


The CFMA Board is looking for a new treasurer with the resignation of Mr David Ridout. A position description will available soon.


Breakfasts & Teaching Sessions
The Saturday breakfasts for 2015 will be followed by teachings sessions. We are talking with a number of presenters at the moment to present topics.


The objective of Formation will be to prepare initiated men to becoming leaders of men’s groups. It is planned to hold a number of Formation weekends at Dadirri and these weekend retreats will be led by Rob Jones.


Royal Brisbane Hospital
The HADS department at Royal Brisbane Hospital has asked CFMA to run fortnightly group sessions at the hospital for drugs and alcohol patients. Richard Fay and David Formby have been going but the Board is looking for volunteers to be trained to run these sessions at the hospital. Sessions take approx. 1 hour. Training will be provided. If interested please email Bert Post


Other Discussions:

Brookfield Monday nights were discussed and we are looking at continuing to run a program for 2015 at Brookfield. Details to follow soon.

Updates to the website to make sure new groups are listed and information is updated. We are also looking at extending the website so group resources can be accessed and downloaded by group leaders.