prison barsOver the past 500 years, society has constructed a way of thinking and living that now imprisons men, trapping them in cycles of futility. Get good grades, go to university or learn a trade, work hard, pay the bills, raise the kids, wrestle with traffic and hopefully have something at the end of it all to take a few cruises before you die. Religion offers solutions, but by mid life these often add to the disillusionment men struggle with. The bars to this prison are hard to see, but there is a way out for men, a journey towards freedom.

We welcome men to join us for a free BBQ sausage sizzle and talk by CEO Richard Fay On Monday night 20 February at The Brookfield Centre, 139 Brookfield Road Kenmore Hills. The evening will commence at 6.30pm and will conclude by 9pm.

This is a great opportunity to introduce your friends to a new way of seeing life as an initiated man, and to outline the role of the Men’s Rites of Passage in a man’s life. (Future BBQ nights are planned for Monday 10 April and Monday 19 May.)

Please RSVP by Friday 17th February by emailing We look forward to seeing you on the night.