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Richard is the CEO of the Centre for Men, has a background as a pastor and spent many years in the corporate sector. He has a masters in counselling and a diploma in ministry, and has a heart to champion men, women, marriages and families. Richard is married to his wife Judy and has three sons.

Out of Circulation

This week a friend sent me an article on male-perpetrated domestic violence. Here are some phrases in the article that stood out: Seething rage… the monster of male supremacy….. what the world needs is men’s action to destroy male violence…. we have to start treating abusive men as the enemy…..You get the picture. It was written by a…

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Drawing Lines

Trying to understand Reality is often like a line trying to comprehend a triangle, or better, a pyramid. It is dimensions beyond its own reality. So it is with us, we are three, perhaps four dimensions if I include our awareness and interconnectedness. According to string theory, there are nine spacial dimensions and the tenth dimension of time….

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We humans love formula. Not only formula one, but any methodological recipe for life. Especially us men, we like to fit everything into a logic box, so we can work it all out. Be certain, conclude, open and shut case.Example: A colleague once said to me that he fathers intentionally; he said that if you are not deliberate and purposeful with…

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