CEO – Dan Foster


Dan was appointed as CEO in November 2020.  Dan comes to us with a rich experience working with teenage and young adult men. He founded an outdoor adventure camping program for high-schoolers, over 17 years ago, a programme that operates internationally and has seen thousands of teenage boys introduced into a healthy understanding of manhood.  

Dan has also pioneered work that has enabled young men to engage in ritual work that helps to deepen their maturity. Dan has been involved in our Young Men’s Rights of Passage (FORGED) from the outset and his experience has been invaluable to the team. Dan has a passion to see men transition through life stages and overcome trauma in a deep and profound way. 

Dan engaged in his own initiation at Camp Somerset in the 2011 Australian MROP. Dan also has a history of leading organised communities, and a professional background as a youth worker and a schoolteacher. He and his wife Ann-Marie are raising three children. We recognise Dan’s leadership acumen and his heart for Australian men of all ages.

We are excited at the energy and vision Dan will bring to the CEO role, in combination with the experience and wisdom he will glean from the mature men around him.  

If would like to ask a question or know more about Dan you can email him at